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Welcome Young Singers!

I really enjoy teaching young singers!


As a music lover and voice teacher, my objectives are:

• to help young students and teenagers to discover their voices and their musical abilities in a natural and healthy way  

• to provide musical challenges

• to develop the appreciation of all styles of vocal music 

• to provide performance opportunities  


All of this evolves in a harmonious and respectful manner.


At the end of the school year, the young singers will have the chance to present their vocal pieces during a student recital.


During our voice lessons we will learn: 

Posture • Breath support • How to produce a natural voice • How to extend your vocal range • Flexibility • Resonance • How to express oneself musically • How to unify vowel production • Interpretation • Confidence • Improvisation.

J<aime chanter! Learning French through singing!



For those who wish to be introduced to the French language, songs and music are a wonderful way to begin or to enrich one's knowledge of this language!


French is my first language and I have been certified to teach the French Canadian Method called: 

"J'apprends la musique et ça m'amuse. . ." 

(see the link below for more information)

J'apprends la musique - Site.png
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