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Welcome to my Voice Studio



VOIX-DE-VIVRE / Voice of Life is a derivation from the well known french expression "Joie de Vivre"/ Joy of Life! 


My name is Elaine Lemieux. I have been teaching music & singing for more than 20 years.  As a music lover and voice teacher, I feel that my responsibility is to help young children, teenagers and adults to discover their vocal and singing abilities in a natural and healthy manner.  I also believe it is important to develop and appreciation all styles of vocal music, to provide musical challenges, musical education and performance opportunities.  All this is done in a respectful and caring environment.  I welcome all levels of experiences.


I offer private voice lessons in my studio as well as online.  I am equipped to use Skype. 


I like to start my voice lesson with a vocal warm-up adapted to the need of each student.  We will then learn a repertoire selected for your type of voice. We will explore and discover the natural beauty of your own voice and the uniqueness of your personal style.


I specialize in classical singing, musical theater and vocal Improvisation.  I also teach pop, and jazz. 



I am a member of the:

National Association of

Teachers of Singing Inc



We will learn about:    


Breath Support, 

Producing a natural voice without any tensions, 

How to extend your vocal range, 



Expressing yourself musically, 

Unifying vowel production, 


Music Theory, 




and much more . . .


My studio is located in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue, downtown Chicago.


The first lesson is FREE for all students.

Length of this free lesson: 30 minutes

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